Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Energy Healing Christmas Voucher

Know someone in Melbourne who could do with a little pampering this Christmas?
💆 🙏 🎄
Alicia has a treat for you..
When you book a healing session, you'll get a second session half price!
You can book both sessions for yourself, or give one to a friend as a Christmas gift voucher.

Your 1 hour pampering appointment will include a healing session, Oracle card reading and herbal tea.

Upon request, your gift voucher will be posted to the gift recipient in a beautiful custom envelope at no extra charge.
*please pay for booking before Dec 22nd for pre Christmas postage arrival.

A 1 hour appointment is normally $130.
The half price appointment will be $65.
$195 total investment for 2 appointments, with a saving of $65.

Please enquire via the contact form on this site or

Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love Heals Fear

Not at all what I was asking the oracle about today, but an apt card anyway. Sometimes the junk needs to be cleared out before moving forward can be achieved. In my recent experience, giving love to mean people only makes them more angry and makes them push harder to manipulate. Love is not just being honest and kind, sometimes love is saying no. Sometimes sending out love to those who work hard to hurt you can only be done by cutting all ties so they might stop feeding a negative cycle and grow out of it. Love is sometimes detachment and ending relationships to set others free. When relationships become toxic and unhealthy for you, you are doing no one any favours by allowing it to continue. I would hope that others would do the same for me. If ever you feel held back by the fear of others and their attachments to you, ask their spirit to set you free or you will be trapped in that cycle with them when it's not your cross to bare. Love heals fear. Let it go.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Crystal Healing

Healing with crystals brings such vibrancy to your energy! I let intuition guide me when choosing which crystals to use for a healing session...


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon...

Painting - "Familiar Emotion" by Alicia Pavlis C 2009

August 31st 2012 will be a "Blue Moon". Not the traditional meaning which refers to the 3rd full moon out of 4 within a season (a season would normally have just 3 full moons), but the modernized meaning which is 2 full moons that fall within the same month.
But don't be put off by the fact that this is not the traditional meaning of a Blue Moon.
2 full moons in one month is still a big deal.

The Moon's cycle is not only responsible for the tides, but also the physical cycles of the creatures and living organisms that inhabit this fine planet.

So this is all very interesting, but you already know this.
What interests me, is the metaphysical effect on humans when something like this occurs.


Just take a look around. You might have been on the receiving end, or possibly even dealing out the effects of this type of cosmic influence. Our beautiful friend Luna certainly likes to puppeteer our emotions. But before you go blaming your recent heightened road rage on being caught between 2 full Moons in 1 month, take a step back and consider where it's coming from..

Anger being just one symptom of the full moon's influence, we must also consider our other emotions which may include Fear, Love and Passion. Also a heightened sense of spiritual connectedness is likely to be felt by those who are so inclined.
If something has caught your eye and unleashed an unexpected fire from within you, the Moon may be partially to blame, but only for bringing it to the surface. It was already there inside of you, hiding, waiting.
Luna grins as we humans try to push emotions back into a hidden cave deep within our hearts and minds only to have these vaults smashed open, revealing our true needs, thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams. Now you can't hide from them. The silver light of the Moon is not the light of day, but it is definitely bright and it shines a light on what we normally cannot see.

Take heed of what you're experiencing right now, the Moon is trying to tell you something and show you something. Something important about you, and your path in this life.
You may not be yourself right now, or the person you thought you were, but you have touched on the core of who you should be and what path you should be on.
This Blue Moon brings about a moment in time, where we have a beautiful opportunity to manifest a magical future based on our highest truth. It reveals to us who we are and what we want, which in turn creates drive to make the changes needed in order to attain this incredible life we are seeking.

Act now! Don't sit on this energy, it will make you anxious.. Don't think, just do! 
The fire is alight, the fear unfounded and the reward is infinite and universal.

We are beings of great abilities, unfathomable potential and limitless love. We are being encouraged to bring out our light, to share it and connect with those who live and breathe within a higher vibration.

All those things you've wanted that only ever come once in a Blue Moon, are now at your feet, in your heart and shining down on you. Revel in the silver glow of your inner truth! Express your hidden desire and reflect the light it brings.

Happy Blue Moon



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Answer Is Simple...

The Answer Is Simple is a beautiful Oracle Card set from Sonia Choquette. I've decided to end this year by presenting an oracle card to give clarity on the current state of our spiritual, emotional and physical world.

So to end the year, I have (at random) drawn the following card....

"Notice the vibration you're presently creating with your words. When you allow the ego to speak carelessly, it can stir up the emotional waters of others and set a tsunami of fear into motion. This destructive vibration starts out subtly but builds as it travels and most definitely returns to its source-you-with a vengeance. The spirit on the hand, calms the troubled waters of human rmotion. It soothes fears with  sweet serenade of support, appreciation, and ove.
It's time to become aware of the effect of what you say. Are you creating a tsunami of fear? Are you disturbing the emotional seas of those around you with your words? Or are you an ambassador of peace, speaking with respect and cheerfulness? Do you reassure others with your love?
Your spirit invites you to review the impact you have on others, so be certain it's your spirit that speaks and not your troublemaking ego. Your spirit is a beautiful source of Divine light and can heal with a few well-directed words of love. It is these messages of spirit that will turn the present storm of circumstances into a peaceful lake of serenity."

To me, this card is telling us, very clearly, to be aware of the impact our words have. Words can be healing and nurturing, but words can also hurt when we speak from our ego, or from a selfish place as opposed to speaking from a place of love and gentleness.

So end this year by saying nice things, by saying "sorry" to someone you have hurt in the past, by offering words of encouragement and support to someone you're jealous of, by saying "thank you" to someone you appreciate, by forgiving someone who has wronged you and by looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you deserve an amazing and beautiful life filled with love, abundance and happiness.

Much Love

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picking up the pieces...

Isn't it funny how a broken heart can take many years to recover from. It seems silly at times, to let yourself fall into a pit, a cycle where you're life seems to be on hold. Going round in circles, even when all you want is to be free of the heartache that got you there in the first place.
It takes time, patience, and consistent work on yourself to get through a heart break. 1 step at a time. Even if it takes many years.
Just stay positive. You'll be fine.

A Message For Lightworkers - How To Heal A Broken Heart

Love Always, Alicia

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness, the hard work you've already done!

Happiness is not found by ignoring past moments in hardship, sadness and discomfort, but by embracing these moments and knowing that they play a part in helping to create the best possible version of you. That's why every day is an opportunity to BE a better, happier you, because you've already laid down all the ground work of hard moments and character building!
Now go and BE awesome and happy!

Much Love

Monday, April 11, 2011


Welcome to Ascending Love! Stay tuned as this page becomes a blogging ground. Here on the home page I will touch on Spiritual topics and trends, share with you what people of the Spiritual and New Age community are talking about and also reveal my own thoughts, feelings and intuitions on the World and Universe we live in!
Comments are enabled, so please feel free to share. All opinions are welcome, but please remember to speak from Love and your highest truth.

Much Love